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Next generation team password manager for companies and IT professionals.


Next generation password manager for companies and IT professionals.

Many companies store their passwords, PIN codes, access and other critical information in inappropriate places.
For example, in the minds of system administrators who can retire, in “Excel” and text files, e-mails and “Skype”.
Theft or discredit of the password can be the cause of serious problems and financial losses.

Passwork is a password manager of the next generation created for professionals, IT guys, teams and companies.
Passwork reliably stores passwords in a structured way, with flexible user access management and is suitable
for team work and personal usage as well.

General Features
— Made for companies and professionals
but ready for personal usage as well

— Advanced security. You encrypt, we store
Data can never be decrypted on our servers. Passwork can be
hosted on your servers

— Agile user access management
Company manages the passwords but not the employees

— Tracking history of password use
Updates notifications, grants access, and shows history

— Advanced features for collaboration with
protected passwords
Secure one-time links, allow sharing by email with anyone, facilitates working in groups

— Algorithms are open
Passwork is clear and transparent

— Public API for general features
Get integrated or develop your own Passwork client

— Available on any platform
Web site, browser, desktop and mobile apps

The main differences from competitors
1. Focused on teamwork
2. Hosted version (box)
3. API for integration
4. It is easier and cheaper