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Revenue per month: 34,000$
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Year founded: 2016

Smart Revenue Management System (RMS) that helps hotels increase revenue by implementing intelligent dynamic pricing.

✅ $408,000 in TTM revenue
✅ $34,000 in revenue last month
✅ Competitors: Duettocloud, Ideas, Beonprice

90% of hotels use spreadsheets to make this analysis, which is time-consuming, inefficient and inaccurate. They spend on average 20 hours per week in collecting and processing data. Consequently, most revenue managers feel overwhelmed and making decisions based on gut feeling, rather than data.

This problem is even more evident during a global pandemic where historical data is broken and thus hoteliers need to find alternative data sources to justify the change of the prices of the room.

Our solution is an easy-to-use RMS that integrates multiple data sources and converts this info into accurate pricing recommendations that help hotels increase revenues by both incrementing occupancy rates (%) and sell at higher prices (€) . We eliminate the burden of data acquisition saving hoteliers time.

Open to serious offers.