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Revenue per month: 208,333$
Profit per month: 65,833$


  • E-commerce

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Year founded: 2013

A profitable platform with $2,073,000 in TTM revenue for college students to buy their protein, vitamins, and other supplements. Also, a place for college students to get information about health and fitness. We have thousands of campus reps, across hundreds of college campuses across the US.

✅ $2,073,000 in TTM revenue
✅ $790,000 in TTM profit
✅ $225,000 in revenue last month
✅ $105,000 in profit last month
✅ Competitors:, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe

The company has seen triple-digit growth in 2 years. We have positioned the company as a technology company without needing to actually hold inventory, and route orders to appropriate distributors.