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Revenue per month: 16,081$
Profit per month: 16,081$


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Year founded: 2014

Profitable SaaS Google Sheets add-on with $192,970 in ARR and TTM revenue that allows you to work with IBM Planning Analytics directly from Google Sheets. It allows business users to get the data from TM1 cubes and apply their spreadsheet skills for further calculations and formatting.

✅ $192,970 in TTM revenue
✅ $192,970 in TTM profit
✅ $16,423 in revenue last month
✅ $16,423 in profit last month
✅ Competitors: Motio Soterre, Cubewise, QUBEdocs
✅ 20k/year it is over 1000% ROI

It allows developers to manage TM1 environments including security, deployments, logs, testing, and documentation.

Platform add-on saves around 200-400 hours a month for an average IBM Planning Analytics project (2-3 developers and 10-20 business users), which translates into $200-$400k savings per year.

TeamOne was created from 16+ years of experience working with IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics. We know the software very well and have several clients in Canada and connections in Europe and Australia. While IBM is constantly improving their products and getting more customers, we integrate their software for clients and filling the gaps with TeamOne, including: administration, releases, performance testing, code organization and documentation.

To give you an idea, one of our competitor's software package bundle for IBM Cognos Analytics costs 500K in licensing for the first year. Their software for IBM Planning Analytics is around 100k. Then they charge some support rate for the subsequent years. TeamOne add-on is for mid to large size companies who already spend at least 200k-500k on IBM software licensing and around 500k-1M on integrating that software (bigger companies, spend a way more on IBM's software). The current version of TeamOne already supports lots of features for IBM Planning Analytics and in the current state we can easily sell it for 20k / client. I know how to implement support for IBM Cognos Analytics and add another 30k to the licensing price. Even at 50k / client it would be a dumping price when comparing to our competitors and actually they will consider buying I expect to sell TeamOne to one of them.

Besides offering our software we also can integrate the mentioned IBM products. An average B2B developer rate is around CAD130-160/hr, when most of the developers are paid CAD70 (mid) -100 (senior/architect). As I mentioned previously, the consulting/implementation is 500k-1M / avg client project.