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Revenue per month: 166,667$
Profit per month: 83,333$


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Year founded: 2017

Edtech company with $2,000,000 in TTM revenue and $1,000,000 in TTM profit that offers the most advanced legal courses you can find anywhere, helping you to acquire skills and knowledge you can bank on to bag the best legal jobs, crack difficult competitive exams, serve your own clients, build a law practice, or outperform others in internships.

✅ $2,000,000 in TTM revenue
✅ $1,000,000 in TTM profit
✅ $260,000 in revenue last month
✅ $85,000 in profit last month
✅ Competitors: Lawctopus

HQ in India, global workforce, 180 full-time employees, 4 years old.