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Why this business was started
Tshirt was created with one simple goal: to provide stylish, unique fashion tshirt products for men & women at affordable prices. Offering an unrivalled collection of high quality of products, hand picked from the very best manufacturers, achieving a stylish fusion of quality and uniqueness with a modern blend. i added the products through oberlo from only trusted suppliers who have 4-5 stars on reviews with high profit margin.

The reason of selling this business
This is a great store for someone interested in dipping their toes into the fashion industry but doesn't want to commit to a large inventory in their home or office space. Start dropshipping to understand the in's and outs of online business - then move into a more direct approach.

What's involved in running this business
you have just Learn to use facebook and instagram ads for the products on this store. and I'll assure you will get sales.