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Why this business was started
I created this store to sell. You need a good store with good setups to succeed. The most important is the products that should be of good quality with good definitions. I chose and designed the best theme to break up with. Besides this theme, you can get my store very cheap. The best Yoga Shop ever.

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The reason of selling this business
All details have been created for that store including all related. So, this store has been created to sell the people who directly think to start dropshipping. The details of our store will be effective for your dropshipping carriers. We are creating a good store for you to sell on Exchange Marketplace. That's way, I'm selling my business here.

What's involved in running this business
It is a store designed for dropshipping. Products are purchased from Aliexpress and Oberlo. Orders are processed automatically. Traffic can be provided to the store with Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google AdSense.