Pets Paradise Store

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Why this business was started
I wanted to learn how to set up a shopify business and learn how to find a niche, I purchased a course and it was a great learning curve. I had help in the beginning and found the process interesting. It has been a great learning curve and now the business is nearly ready to open.

The reason of selling this business
I have enjoyed setting this up from scratch but have realised that I don’t want to run it. The niche is solid and the business has a great potential. It is priced to sell. Will be a great stand alone business or for an add on to an ongoing business especially in the business-home office niche. The manufacturers already dropship to customers Australia wide.

What's involved in running this business
The social media sites are up and will need running. Quotes will need to be obtained from manufacturers support centres for special orders. Bank accounts and 0800 numbers will need to be set up.