Ethos Athleisure

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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 298$
Profit per month: 351$


  • E-commerce
Traffic (verified)

Uniques per month: 673
Views per month: —


Year founded: —


Why this business was started
To enter the eCommerce market & improve my skills to apply towards future online businesses.

The reason of selling this business
I decided to sell this business as I would like to focus my passion into a more niche market in mens fashion.

What's involved in running this business
Multi-channel approach to marketing. The biggest channel for generating traffic is social media across Facebook and Instagram. Google Ads is also an extremely profitable channel. We get sales from eBay also. The potential for further channel/marketing expansion include Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest. We have an email list of 650+ strong that are mostly in the niche of women’s activewear. We also use a ManyChat Messenger bot and the opportunity is there to run lead ads on social to Messenger and the ChatBot will convert the sale. Word of mouth is also a big benefit plus a loyal audience, through influencers posting about our products and creating unboxing videos they are influencing their followers to visit our website and convert.

Also Facebook Shop’s through the tag-product option is generating sales as set up by our product catalog.

The traffic to conversion breakdown is as follows:

30% organic (word-of mouth, small and medium-large influencers)
70% acquisition (eBay, Fb/IG ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing)

We also provide excellent customer support to ensure the conversions are not refunding/exchanging and always pleasing our customers from a servicing perspective. This leads to recurring purchases and a strong audience.

Active-wear is an all-year round product that sells regardless of the season and sells quite impulsively by customers if the offer and quality is marketed.

Further trends are as below:

- Product research we go by looking at trends set by other big brands, we ask our customers what they would like next, we get customers asking for what they would like from us.
- for repeat customers, we have a Facebook pixel that re-targets our customers, we are able to provide this to you, we use abandoned cart recovery, and Shopify email to send information on latest new pieces, a great way to do this would be to also incorporate Facebook messenger for customer retention. Already we have 147 Facebook Messenger subscribers, these will be transferred to you, we use Manychat.
- We maintain customer relations mainly by Instagram DM's, we have a good network of ambassadors/customers who we keep in contact with. We manually fulfil orders ourselves, packaging and shipping.

We also include an affiliate program where customers can sign up and become part of the brand. They can refer their friends and family to sign up for 10% commission on their orders. This is for affiliate marketing.

We will transfer all ownership

The Fulfilment process is simple, we purchase stock from our manufacturer and hold it at our place of residence, we package it using mailing bags purchased either from Sendle (a courier company, which is integrated within Shopify as well). We process the order through Shopify, print the shipping label using a thermal printer as well as the shipping slip and leave it at our door for collection. Tracking is automatically sent to the customer.