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Why this business was started
I have been in e-commerce industry for the last two years and running multiple product and service selling websites. I learned many of the tactics to build a successful online e-commerce store. That all i have implemented in my store. Fortunately/unfortunately i got busy in my other store and have not enough time to invest in the store. constant improvement require time, patience, constant learning and dedication. I invested a lot of time to get this working.
Its common for me too develop a turn key store / brand and then sell the business once its at its most optimal stages so that it is ready for a new owner or someone that wants to take it to a higher level.
I am always curious to start my own business and being an independent contribute to my family. I would like to sell designs that people love to wear. I spent a lot of time to get this store at this stage. Worked on the designs my self. Done a bit of modification. I got a beautiful theme to make the store more attractive.

The reason of selling this business
I'm selling this site because I do not have the time needed to make it succeed. I have a lot of business's running in parallel and i am slowly starting to offload some of the working weight so that i can pursue a different career in IT

What's involved in running this business
Curate a great collection of unique clothing that your customers can't find anywhere else, market to get the word out, and send out the orders! Additionally, you can find charities you want to support, and send donations out to them