Le chic sac

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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 384$
Profit per month: 50$


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Uniques per month: 991
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Why this business was started
A good friend of mine started a similar shop a year before I started mine. I have been inspired by his way of doing e-commerce and decided to put his good advices and my ideas into practice.
I've chosen to sell bags and clutches in general because I found it easier to attract someone's attention with apparel. The bags I'm selling don't go unnoticed and appeal to a very broad audience (the followers on Instagram are mainly 25-35 but a lot of my Facebook sales were to the 45-55 segment).
Another advantage of a clutch is that the chances are very small that a potential customer who is interested in your products will look for a cheaper version of your bags and actually find it, because it is not an easy task to describe a clutch on Google.

The reason of selling this business
I have decided to sell my business to fully focus on growing another company which I have started one and half year ago, in a totally different field (directory website for activities).

What's involved in running this business
To run this business, you will have to have some basic understanding of Facebook Ads and be consistent with social media posting.
To grow the business, you should use the Lookalike Campaigns which I have started and try to find other interests which do well with the clutches, and work your way up from there.
I've made Lookalike audiences of people adding to cart and it shouldn't be long before you can make a lookalike audience of customers who bought a product. From there, the growth could/should be exponential.

Apps: I have been using free apps to display reviews, and to do my accountancy. I'm using Livify (for $6.99 per month) to display the amount of customers who are currently viewing a page.

Marketing: Before the pandemic really hit worldwide in May, I started being profitable. Back then I was spending on average per day about $60-$70 to make in revenue slightly more than $300 on a good day (around $80 dollars in profit). You can access these numbers in my Accountify app account.