Leo and Company

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Revenue per month: 46$
Profit per month: 30$


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Why this business was started
I have a vision of a clothing company that does actual design collaboration with athletes from all over the world. Not just affiliate codes - actual collabs. Letting them design a product from start to finish, be in charge of the campaign direction, collection name, all that jazz.

The reason of selling this business
I started Leo and Company in October of 2019 and with the pandemic, what was an original product delivery date of February became August.
I had intended on having the first collection well on its way and sold in the spring - which did not happen. I had my daughter and my priorities changed.

I am hoping that someone can turn this business into something incredible.
I simply do not have the time or energy right now to make it a priority.

I have manufacturer & designer contacts in Australia for future collections if you are interested.

What's involved in running this business
Fulfilling orders, housing inventory
If desired: running campaigns, social media, ordering from suppliers.