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Why this business was started
There isn't any specific reason why I decided to start this store, because this is my job. I make professional Shopify Dropshipping stores and I configure 99% of it so you can start selling immediately.

And all you need to do is add a payment provider and get this Wifi bread. All got covered.
I also like to help my customers by managing their store. You can contact me anytime you want and ask me anything you need. I will always gladly help you out.

But still, be quick you don't want to miss this opportunity.

The reason of selling this business
I made this store with a $497 paid Konvertify Theme. It's for those who want to have a professional e-commerce business.

I want to sell it for $100 because it will be a one-time deal. So if you want to save time and money without encountering problems in creating a high-converting professional website, think and move fast…

What's involved in running this business
In this store you will get:

1) $497 worth of Konvertify theme (One-time offer)

If you don't want to run the business as I set it up.
You can recreate or redesign a new site using the $ 497 worth of theme. You just need to buy for $ 100.

2) Customized High-Converting Checkout Page (Fast Results)

3) Custom Contact Us, Track Your Order Pages (Better Customer Satisfaction)

4) Branded Custom Logo and Favicon (More Professional and Legitimate)

5) Professional Brandable Winning Products and Images

6) Customized Product page and products descriptions

7) Mobile optimized (Many shoppers consider the lack of mobile shopping to be a deal-breaker)

8) Automated currency converter (Open your business to the World)

9) Product Reviews (More reliable)

10) Live Chat (Better Customer Trust and Satisfaction)

11) Custom Pop-up for Email Marketing (More sales)

12) Automated fulfilling software and trusted supplier center (Easy to manage the business)

You can't buy a store with such features for $ 100.