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Why this business was started
This is our job. We make shopify dropshipping stores and we set everything up from A to Z. Ready to make sales. We also like to help our customers with managing their store (If they need help). You can contact us anytime if you want and ask us anything you need we will always gladly help you out.

The reason of selling this business
As we explained above. We only make stores to sell them. We don’t personally run stores but we help our customers with anything they need for 2 weeks.

What's involved in running this business
Well, we created this store for dropshipping and If you’re going to use it for dropshipping then you’re going to deal with; - Managing products. - Managing apps. - Creating ads to make more sales and expand your brand (You will spend most of your time on this). - Managing social media accounts. - And if you want you can add new products after some time and delete others that’s up to you. - Shipping your products to customers.