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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 6,719$
Profit per month: 4,500$


  • E-commerce
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Uniques per month: 14,558
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Why this business was started
As briefly explained in the section where I talk a bit about myself, this business started as a need to start something of my own and be my own boss. I wanted to be able to express my creative side and at the same time see profit and result out of it, while managing the working hours according to my lifestyle.
Before starting this business, a lot of brainstorming with Deborah and people we knew that were working in a similar field was done. We had a lot of ideas but decided to narrow it down to women’s fashion because of its extremely high demand in our society.
It was spring time when we started building up the website and since summer time was ahead, we figured bikinis and summer-related accessories would be a great start. It is extremely important to understand customer psychology and decision-making process before deciding about a specific niche, as this will help you find the best ways to bring the product in the market and make it appealing to the potential customers and as a result convert it into sales. After a lot of researching and brainstorming, we finally started putting the theory into practice and the results were very satisfying. We constantly improved the product catalogue and product page by adding new products and categories, testing new products and understanding what this audience likes and wants. After many testings, we concluded that our audience is most interested in lingerie and bikini, and decided to keep it as it is right now.

The reason of selling this business
We decided that it is reasonable to sell our store because the time it requires to make the needed adjustments overlaps with the time our ongoing projects demand, and we are confident that someone else out there who has the time and will can benefit much more and in many aspects.
Before explaining the main reason of this decision, it is important to state that my business had its biggest rise during the first months of the pandemic (April 2020), where the world was paralysed and many structures and services were working in a very chaotic way. As one may have experienced himself, the shipping service was not working properly, causing many delays and extended shipping times. This phenomenon damaged our business by delaying the orders up to 100 days, causing a lot of complaints from the customers directly to Facebook (before Covid-19 we had a 4.3 rating score on facebook). This led to Facebook disabling our ad account and not allowing us to run ads in its platform. At the time, that was the only marketing strategy we were using, and after this happened we left the business to the side, focusing on some other ongoing projects. After 12 months without any ongoing advertisement (only some email marketing campaigns), the business kept brining profit only through organic traffic on average 1000$ per month. It might be that the issue with Facebook might be solved by purchasing a solid business manager account that's been running ads and has a good rating score, however we did not put a lot of effort there.

What's involved in running this business
This business is being run by my girlfriend, Deborah, and I. During the months where the business experienced an exponential growth, there were 2 other people who were helping with everything related to customer service and social media.
My main role included everything related to advertisement, website building and its required applications, while Deborah's role was everything related to customer service, social media, order fulfilment, and product descriptions.