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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 8,727$
Profit per month: 4,600$


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Uniques per month: 10,809
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Why this business was started
When I left my consulting gig to work on my startup company (a fashion technology play), I decided to also start a dropshipping business to help bring in income while I worked on my passion. I started the store with the goal to turn it into a brand, not just a single product store.

I really wanted to build a brand and store that would help women look and feel beautiful. When I found the primary product, I knew that my brands' target audience would love it, and over 10,000 customers have. I also knew that I wanted this store to be different from my other pure dropshipping stores. When the pandemic hit and dropshipping times were very slow, I ordered bulk product so that I could ship US orders fast, from a US 3PL partner. I've recently moved back to fulfilling all orders as dropshipped via my private supplier, with 95% of orders being delivered in two weeks or less.

I also have live chat on the website, and a customer service 888 number. I love being able to talk to customers directly, they're able to give me great feedback on the products, and I'm able to provide excellent customer service. These two features can easily be removed if the new owner would prefer to not have them.

I love seeing the social comments when someone shares an ad with a friend and say things like "I’m gonna get itπŸ’•πŸ’•".

My three provisional patents for my fashion technology startup need to be converted into full patents in November, and it's going to cost a lot. The proceeds from this sale will help with these costs.

The reason of selling this business
I'm looking for the right person to potentially take over the brand, to hopefully grow and expand it.

I need to use the proceeds of the sale to pay for patent applications for another startup company that I've founded (patents are expensive).

What's involved in running this business
Managing customer service social comments, email and live chat (live chat can be disabled if the new owner would like).

All orders are fulfilled via my private supplier using the massfullfill app, with over 95% of orders delivered in two weeks or less. (Much faster now vs the early days of the pandemic). Daily fulfillment activities take less than 15 minutes.