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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 64,231$
Profit per month: 60,000$


  • E-commerce
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Uniques per month: 29,323
Views per month: —


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Why this business was started
I decided to start this business because of the love for animals, the outdoors and providing customers with excellent service. I saw a gap in the market place. There was a lot of other stores attempting the same business model but failed to deliver when it came to customer service. Of course making profit is a huge aspect of the decision to start the business as well.

The reason of selling this business
I have decided to sell the business to focus on other ventures more seriously such as real estate investing.

What's involved in running this business
I generate traffic with strictly Facebook and Instagram ads, however you can also generate traffic by Marketing with either Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads.

Fulfilling orders is very simple. I have virtual assistants that export the orders every single day and sends the file to my supplier/sourcing agent. Then the agent give you a quote for the price and proceeds to ship out the items to customers.
I mainly do product research by browsing Facebook ads and Instagram ads and I can show you how to do this also. I validate these products by using Google trends and will also show you how to do so. This process can be automated by hiring a VA to do it for you.

Customer service is accomplish by using zendesk an automated by this point I can have my virtual assistants train new assistants if needed.

All of this will be given to you an I will also show you how to find these assistants if needed.