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Revenue per month: 3,424,155$
Profit per month: 285,107$


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Year founded: 2011


Website Closers® presents a 6-year established, off Amazon Direct to Consumer Nutritional Supplements offering with 16 high traffic eCommerce websites. With offerings in place for both Men and Women in the subsets of Health, Diet, and Fitness, the company spans the. Providing fully exclusive product lines marketed under each of their own brands, this company spans the Vitamins & Supplements Vertical and has received glowing reviews from all corners of the market. Their highest performing offerings have come from their Men’s Health Supplements line which draws in an incredible amount of organic traffic and sales.

With a powerful 34% Repeat Customer Rate, this incredibly profitable offering sees an average monthly order rate of $129 after an average initial payment of $9. This “try before you buy” purchasing platform lends itself well to the skeptical, results-based buyers that make up most of the majority of supplements buyers in the muscle growth, body modification, weight loss, and mental acuity market sectors. This company currently supplies more than 805,000 subscription orders a month. These impeccable sales number mean a daily shipment of 1,500 packages, and growing.

Operating for more than 6 years in the dietary and men’s supplements fields, this company has made a name for themselves in male enhancement, cognitive improvement, weight loss, and muscle performance. Further increasing their offering monetization, this company also has a Members Only Discount Program and an e-Health Tracker App. With more than 35,000 paying members, this program can help members get up to 50% off on more than 700 dining, health, shopping, and wellness brands across the US.

Working in tandem with a multitude of their muscle building and weight loss offering’s, this brand’s e-health tracker app allows users to track calories, helps them work towards exercise goals, and ensures that they get the most out of their supplement subscriptions. This is useful for the business on another front as well … keeping consumers happy with their results and continuing to buy supplements from the company.

An easily scaled offering, this streamlined eCommerce portfolio of 16 websites with tremendous returns could be expanded through channel and SKU diversification. Beginning sales of their exclusive product lines through popular eCommerce hubs such as Amazon, Walmart, iHerb, eBay, and Vitamin Shoppe could prove monumentally lucrative. Amazon specifically could also open international doors with Amazon Canada, UK, EU, Mexico, and more. Relying mostly on CPA, or Cost Per Action, advertising, this company currently partners with 7 different affiliate networks to gain most of their brand awareness and traction. This has resulted in a staggering 1.5 million average monthly website visitors but could be bolstered with a dynamic new digital campaign.

Innovating this company’s marketing strategy, an incoming owner could rapidly expand the customer base through social media use, both paid and unpaid. For this brand, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube may prove the most profitable for a strategic posting and advertising mix. Content marketing is also a promising path in the supplements field, informative blogging and long-form posting can be used to grow credibility, authenticity, and consumer loyalty.

SKU additions have always been an excellent way to increase sales and this industry is no different. In fact, this company just recently branched into the newly booming category of SBD supplements. Currently offering CBD solutions for boosting the immune system, relieving chronic pain, anxiety reduction, and stress relief this business has seen a swift and steady rise in revenues and can now call this product line one of their top sellers. Operating on a 100% dropship model, this company sees minimal risk in any new SKU additions. That being said, at their current sales rates, they turn around more than 60,000 units each month and could easily move some of their matured product lines onto a 3PL or stock model for effective channel expansions.

With interconnected framework of 16 individually profitable supplement lines, brands, and sales platforms this company is truly flexible. Scalable through new marketing practices that can be tested little by little on each brand, this company comes with minimal risk and limitless reward. Operating simultaneously as one large company and 16 small, easily redirected offerings this company can be exactly what thew new owner makes it from product creation to channel additions and enhanced marketing tactics this business packs a huge competitive edge into easily managed and scaled pieces.

Utilizing a vast array of revenue streams, this portfolio of companies earns revenues through upsold products, exclusive memberships, supplement subscriptions, white-labeled products, publishing commissions, collections, and even data monetization to drive an unbelievable level of ROI.

With a strong sales and up sale framework, this brand offers its products through performance-based affiliates. After the first sale, every customer is offered white label items for additional revenues and maximized profit margins.

A full-time investment, the current owner dedicates 40 hours each week to managing this business. Responsible for overseeing website designers and developers as well as traffic partners while analyzing sales volume and revenue levels, the owner supervises all corners of business development. Employing 8 experienced contractors, this business operates with an effective team consisting of a CFO, assistant, senior and junior designers, a developer, and 2 call center managers.

Operating in the evergreen and ever-growing industry of nutritional supplements, and with 6 years of success under their belt, this 16-brand portfolio is well positioned for ongoing cash flow as well as growth protocols that can help it rise to $100M in Revenue.

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