award-winning luxury business brokerage

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Revenue per month: 366,667$
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Year founded: 2017


for sale an award-winning luxury business brokerage based in dubai, uae.

established in 2017, tihs company is one of the leading brokerage house based out in dubai.the business caters to international clients by providing them access to the finest selection of luxury villas, apartments and penthouses for sales and rent in dubai and around the globe including london, new york, los angeles etc.

besides being an award-winning luxury brokerage house, company has strategic collaboration with developers and architects to assist them in creation and market positioning of luxury houses and apartment.

this company provides a streamlined approach to the marketing and sales of luxury homes through the use of technology and digital marketing.

since its inception in 2017, the company was focused on property sale deals and during pandemic, the company expanded into property renting deals as well.

property sale deals are further bifurcated into private clients team , general market team and off-plan projects directly by developers.


- strong premium domain name;
- global customers
- top premium traffic from the, usa, uk, germany, western europe etc.
- famous brand
- ranked #1 for many keywords on google
- net profit margins 38.00%