Full Service SaaS Business - Subscription Revenue -Academic Clients

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Revenue per month: 91,196$
Profit per month: 74,253$


Uniques per month: —
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Year founded: 1996


Offered for sale is a 25 year old full service SaaS business which primarily offers a scheduling, record keeping, and reporting solution for educational institutions. Due to a low churn rate and the sticky nature of the service, the business has experienced consistent year-to-year growth since its inception. Over fifty percent of their clients have maintained subscriptions since 2015 or earlier. Some clients have even subscribed to the services for over twenty years. Even though the business is very successful, it is poised for expansion. Although the existing clients are solely educational institutions, there are multiple untapped markets within other educational sectors and multiple other industries.

Included in the sale are: - product source code - subscriber lists - current subscriptions - support medium and tools - automated systems related to this SaaS product - all product domains - trademarks - custom intranet and custom billing system developed for the support and billing of the product - all sales materials, including the sales website, logos, the designs for the printed sales materials, and a full conference display - All design, programming, and website and web applications developed for business and individual clients under the Company's "design and programming" work. This includes the current subscriber list and all active subscriptions, as well as the domains associated with those design accounts. - The company-owned infrastructure used to support the software and all online company products and sales materials as housed in a US data center. This also includes the contracts with outside companies currently used to support, secure, and monitor that infrastructure, as well as subscriptions with other online services, such as Microsoft Azure, used to support the products.