nyc marketing agency with 90% recurring clients

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Revenue per month: 676,234$
Profit per month: 247,723$


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Year founded: 2004


with over $8m in annual revenue and a 37% profit margin, the average client tenure for this new york city full-service creative agency is 14 years! maintaining a 90+% recurring client base, this agency provides the full gamut of advertising services across all media facets, with one simple philosophy: great creative needs to change someone’s mind. the experienced team handles brand strategy, messaging strategy, campaign development, website development, crm, email marketing, content marketing, employee engagement, marketing collateral and media planning and buying. the typical project scope runs from $20,000 to $150,000. the three owners currently handle client relationships, financial management, and creative products; they are willing to stay on for up to three years and do a promissory note of 10% plus an equity roll of 10-15%.

primarily working with financial/retirement services, insurance, technology and healthcare categories, this agency is involved in industries that are playing an important role right now and using this opportunity to catch up in the digital space. the team consists of 30 full-time senior creative copy, creative art, strategy, and client service staff; consultants and freelancers are subcontracted out as needed. this senior focused staffing approach enables this agency to work quickly and efficiently even under the most difficult circumstances. the core staff is comprised of seasoned senior executives who have worked for large global advertising agencies.

the agency implemented a successful work-from-home strategy in early march 2020 to improve work/life balance among the team. the timeliness of this implementation allowed them to transition nearly seamlessly through the difficulties of the pandemic.

priced at $13,000,000, this company is prime for purchase for anyone who wants to get involved in something proven and profitable. by continuing to build new client relationships, while cultivating existing connections, a new owner could certainly take this company to the next level.