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this is a software application designed to consolidate the users personal financial information and provide budgeting and extensive reporting.

the applications run on android, ios, windows and macos and presents a consolidated, cross platform personal financial picture. the system will bring together checking, savings, investment, credit cards, loans, cash and crypto currency accounts into a single, unified view.

with a large base of subscribers and support for 20 languages, it is widely used around the world and is frequently within the top 10 finance application downloads in the us app store.

the product will not only connect and download from over 16,000 banks in over 51 countries but it will categorize and synchronize new transactions automatically. the system complies with the financial system regulations for each of the supported countries.

all data stored within the app is synchronized across the users multiple, supported devices and is stored with 256 bit encryption. this prevents access to any of the financial information without the users credentials.

this is a rare opportunity to purchase a cash flow positive software product with extensive positive reviews and a large and stable userbase.