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Year founded: 2001


We are a different type of company and you are not buying a traditional business that’s sold based on the P&L (Profit & Loss) data. Instead, our business’s estimated price is based on the values of our products. We are selling our company as a SPaA (Software Products as Asset). It’s a new concept and we have built our company based on the market demand by building lots of valuable Enterprise Software Applications that are critical to run any business. Our products can serve multiple business areas like IT, Healthcare, Financial, Hospitality and more.
Currently, you will not find any SPaA sellers in the market and that’s why we strongly believe that we are uniquely positioned in a highly demanding software technology market because, as you have noticed most of the businesses are spending millions of dollars to create Software Products to run their businesses.
The best part of buying our company is you will be able to sell same product multiple times to multiple clients with minor tweaking and we will teach you how. For additional information please contact listing agent Lenwood Mills at 919-651-8353 or

Seller Financing 20 percent down terms up to 36 months