Explosive growth - Private Network and Data Hotspot Provider

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Revenue per month: 166,667$
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Year founded: 2019


DiscoverHubbL was started by the pure demand from school clients asking for data and hotspot services for students. Due to our parent companies, history, and expertise in running one of the largest DOOH media platforms on their own private network the knowledge was already established to take advantage of a massive opportunity when it was presented.
DiscoverHubbl was created to fill the needs of schools across the country. By providing wifi hotspots to schools in long-term contracts Discoverhubbl has a strong cash flow that continues to grow. Wi-Fi solutions are not going away and will only expand within schools in the future.
Ten years ago the idea of a laptop or Ipad for a student to learn on was a crazy idea today every student learns on them. Covid identified and kicked off the next stage of what schools will provide to students yearly. Wifi access.