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Revenue per month: 20,833$
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Year founded: 2017

Profitable prepaid payout API BaaS (non-cash disbursements) with $250,000 in ARR and $150,000 in TTM revenue that issues payouts in the form of 2,000 prepaid digital gift cards, including those from Amazon, Visa & Mastercard in over 134 countries. There are no costs, no approvals and integrations take 6 hours.

Phaze enables companies to exchange crypto for digital gift cards or fiat for digital gift cards, crypto and NFTs.

✅ $7.5M in GMV for 2021
✅ $150,000 in TTM revenue
✅ $704,143 in digital gift card sales last month
✅ $17,949 in revenue last month
✅ Raised $1,500,000 in funding
✅ Tech: NodeJS, React, AWS, Java
✅ Competitors: Bitrefill, WeGift, Bidali

Enterprises get a 3-5% discount off the face value of every card so they generate profit on every sale with no expenses to their end-users.