Pre-Owned Luxury Goods Buyer/Seller/Authenticator

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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 416,667$
Profit per month: 166,667$


Uniques per month: —
Views per month: —


Year founded: 2013


LISTING ID # 34348
The hard-driving skilled & talented founder/owner of this unique Pre-Owned & Vintage Luxury Goods Buyer, Seller, and Authenticator is primed to continue growing his business exponentially. He is wise to recognize that he cannot do it without the funding and infrastructure capabilities of a synergistic partner, whether that be a well-heeled individual or entity. Based on his run-rate so far this year, he projects that the business will at least gross & net $5M & $2M, respectively, up from $2M & $500K, respectively, in 2020. At present, the business is home-based, run out of his 4,300 square foot basement, within which $3M of inventory at his cost is stored. Everything can be re-located! His sourcing, deep product knowledge, and authentication methodology are second-to-none. Unlike some of his competitors, his products are trusted and purchased on multiple major platforms, representing a wide range of demographics. Were one of these platforms to acquire this business, not only would it benefit from what the owner brings to the table, but the revenues & profits generated would be more, given that the fees that platform charges would no longer be deducted. Furthermore, a growing number of platforms have been outright purchasing sourced and authenticated pre-owned & vintage luxury goods at wholesale from this company. As per the owner, he knows where & how to purchase as much quality inventory as the funds with which he has to work. Lastly, the business has its own website, on which it does make sales, but they only amount to 1-2% of revenue. If you are new to Vested Business Brokers, please become a free registered buyer under listing 34348. Should you want to obtain the name of this business, kindly upgrade to premium membership. Proof of funds is required by the seller before the name can be received. Jay Goldman, the listing broker, will then be in immediate contact with you.
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