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Revenue per month: 3,833,333$
Profit per month: 208,333$


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Year founded: 2018

Profitable manufacturing cannabis company with $60,000,000 in TTM revenue and $2,500,000 in TTM profit that is uniquely positioned for national expansion. Founded and headquartered in Humboldt County, internationally known as the center of cannabis agriculture and innovation.

✅ $60,000,000 in TTM revenue
✅ $2,500,000 in TTM profit
✅ $4,000,000 in revenue last month
✅ $200,000 in profit last month
✅ Competitors: The Parent Company

The Company is singularly qualified to claim Humboldt’s standard for cannabis excellence and innovation. This company's manufacturing excellence, award-winning brands and strategic partnerships position the company for statewide and national scale regardless of the timing of federal legalization.