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Revenue per month: 166,667$
Profit per month: 29,167$


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Year founded: 2009

Accounts payable automation platform with $1,800,000 in TTM revenue and $350,000 in TTM profit that specializes in the manufacturing, healthcare, and higher-ed space. We do extremely well when a client uses purchases orders and requires a 3 way match.

✅ $1,800,000 in TTM revenue
✅ $350,000 in TTM profit
✅ $145,000 in revenue last month
✅ $22,000 in profit last month
✅ Competitors: AvidXchange, Stampli, Tipalti

And we also can handle non purchase order invoices and 2 way match POs. We help companies save time, money, and allow them to scale without adding headcount while providing more accurate data and visibility into cash flow management.