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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 19,680$
Profit per month: 14,793$


Uniques per month: —
Views per month: —


Year founded: 2016

Profitable B2B marketplace platform with US$17,579,795 in TTM revenue and US$177,517 in TTM profit that helps retailers and wholesalers across all trade networks and channels optimize their costs with excess inventory management through its portal and provides access to buyers across the country.

✅ US$17,579,795 in TTM revenue
✅ US$177,517 in TTM profit
✅ US$956,596 in revenue last month
✅ US$7,398 in profit last month
✅ Tech: LAMP Stack (Linux , Apache , MYSQL , PHP)

This marketplace is designed for excess inventory management across verticals, such as CE, IT hardware & software, telecom, security, home appliances, etc. The business aims to