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Type: On sale
Sale method: Classified
Sale status: Open

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Financials (verified)

Revenue per month: 699,490$
Profit per month: 171,586$


  • E-commerce
Traffic (verified)

Uniques per month: 1,545
Views per month: 4,380


Year founded: 2016

This listing is for an Amazon FBA and eCommerce business created in October 2016 in the home and outdoors niches. The included Amazon Seller Central account features 202 SKUs (65 of which are backup FBM offers) predominantly for Home Cleaning Products, but also including products for home maintenance and gardening. The high-quality brand is registered with Amazon's Brand Registry 2.0 and has trademarks in the US, EU, Mexico, Japan, and China. The majority of products have 100s-1000s of positive reviews, multiple products are currently Amazon's Choice, and all product listings have excellent images and product descriptions.


The business earns through Amazon FBA (97%) and eCommerce (3%). The eCommerce portion of the business is a WooCommerce store that sells D2C.

The business has 11 suppliers in China, one supplier in Taiwan, and one supplier in the USA. All goods are stored at a warehouse in California. There is a warehouse team associated with the business that picks, packs, and bundles inventory into case-packed boxes, and the team will palletize the inventory to send to Amazon. The Sellers aims to store 1-3 months of inventory in Amazon at all times. 98% of order fulfillment is Amazon FBA, with the remaining 2% being self-fulfilled from the warehouse. The team self-fulfills direct-to-consumer orders when they are able to ship for less than doing Amazon MCF, and they also self-fulfill via Amazon FBM during brief stock-outs of FBA inventory. Some off-Amazon orders are fulfilled via Amazon MCF.

The business has a team of six employees: one Warehouse Manager, one Assistant Manager, and four Warehouse Associates. They are all from the US and reside near San Luis Obispo, CA. Though the employees are not aware of the sale, the Seller is confident they would be willing to continue with a new owner.

After extensive research of customer requests and product research, the Seller has created a list of 40-50 products that they believe are great fits for the product line, serving as a growth opportunity for a Buyer to consider.

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