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amoCRM is a easy-to-use Sales, Leads, and Contact Management System designed to save you time and money.


amoCRM is an automated platform for sales management. It gives a full view of pipeline and full analytics on what’s going on inside your sales department. Increase your sales confidence by collecting, tracking and following-up on your leads to never miss an opportunity again! amoCRM is compact and easy-to-use. Our user friendly interface does not require installation or implementation. It just works – simply sign-up and you’re ready to go. It works anywhere with an internet connection, from your browser or mobile device.

Client and Sales Management

amoCRM collects, stores, and provides tools to manage your contacts. It features “smart” search, tags and filters, so you never have to worry about keeping track of assigned tasks. amoCRM will notify you and suggest which actions should be implemented to make your sales even more efficient.

Each lead contains timeline with notes, files, call log and records. You can assign or track tasks with simple click - all history of interaction with customers in one place. amoCRM watches your deals. It reminds you when tasks are assigned, overdue or further actions are required to close a deal.

Analyze Reports, Sales Pipeline, and Grow your Sales

amoCRM provides functionality to build pipeline the way you need it – based on the amount of deals, their value, the company in general, specific department or manager. It’s easy to assign tags for even deeper look on what’s going on.

The system can build your sales forecast based on collected data. Easily learn about your sale cycle, which sales stage is the less efficient, and how many sales will be closed within the next 30 days.

Simple, Mobile, Integrated

Install amoCRM on your iOS or Android device to never miss a deal and work on the go. View your leads, potential deals, to-do list and newsfeed.

amoCRM may become your helping hand when it comes to call management. You can integrate it with your PBX or use the existing solution from our partners. The service collects your incoming and outgoing calls history, audio recordings. No efforts and technical implementation required.

You may have even deeper integration with amoCRM – ready-to-use web forms, landing pages, and API will make everything even easier for you. Just install the web form and all your contacts will go directly to amoCRM.

Make your work with amoCRM easy and comfortable – the system provides integration with popular third parties like Mailchimp, Zendesk, online chat and many other. You are few clicks away from 360o management of your sales process.

Even More

You can easily set-up full automatization of your business processes with amoCRM. The system will analyze each action based on actions pre-defined by you. It will help you have even more control and address all changes promptly.