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Easiest way to measure the accuracy of mechanical watches


Toolwatch helps watch aficionados around the world to measure and track the accuracy of their mechanical watches. This is, in fact, the only way of knowing if the expensive watch you bought is working fine. Our goal is to share our passion for accurate timepieces with the world and improve the experience of owning a mechanical watch.

Unlike professional tools that are expensive, heavy and measure the watch in different positions (up, down, on a side etc) that do not reflect the actual way the watch is worn by its possessor, Toolwatch measures the accuracy of the watch following the user’s lifestyle. 

After a free registration (mandatory in order to have access to the dashboard and track your watches over time), the user synchronizes easily with Toolwatch’s accuracy system. He will be prompted to come back later, at least 12 hours, with an automatic email for the second synchronization that will give him the accuracy of his mechanical watch by calculating the delta between the two synchronizations.