Drunk Mode

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Get Crazy, Stay Safe


Features (Presently Available)

1) Find My Drunk - Use GPS to track drunk friends, keeping you and them safe

2) Stop Drunk Dialing - Block selected contacts to hide them Sent from my iPhone 

3) Breadcrumbs – Track your night to retrace your steps the next day (Lost Keys?)

4) Find A Ride - Our newest feature that lets users easily find an Uber or Lyft

Features (Releasing September)

5) Hotspots: Shows you the Girl to Guy Ratio around you

6) Fabriq: With our partnership with a StartUp in Colorado (http://fabriq.io/) - Fabriq.io, we will be releasing a Silver Alert Feature where if anyone goes missing in a college town like in the case of Hannah Graham, their breadcrumbs (24 Hour Location History) and profile information will be pushed to everyone who has Drunk Mode in a 3-5 mile radius. We already have at least 100-200 users in every college town that has Drunk Mode installed on their phone. This features is solving the problem: 'Where was this person seen last' in the case of an emergency, saving time.